Adding a new bathroom Without breaking the bank


Whether you have one bathroom or three, the addition of a bathroom to a home will add both resale value and personal enjoyment to your home. A do-it-yourselfer with moderate experience can complete some of the work to keep the budget in check. Its surprising how effortless many projects can be, such as installing the flooring, shower components, fixtures and finishing touches.

Before beginning the addition, develop a plan with a professional contractor to identify the appropriate location, any size limitations and other project restrictions. It is imperative to leave the heavy lifting to the pros. For instance, the plumbing and electrical work should be completed by a certified professional who will also draw up plans for obtaining necessary city permits.

Next, there are several things to consider when discussing the design of the bathroom. Most important, of all, should you add a tub or shower. Contemplate the following: Are baths or showers preferred? Is there adequate room for a full-size tub? In an attempt to maximize space, a shower stall may be a smart choice. It should also be noted that in our area with is hectic lifestyle, the luxury shower is often preferred as a way to blend efficiency with luxury.

If you want to add a shower, you will probably seek a shower surround separate from the tub, or even replacing it entirely. The benefits of a shower surround are two-fold. First, installation by a moderately-skilled DIYer is relatively uncomplicated because it requires few man hours, materials and expense. Secondly, long-term maintenance is relatively low making cleaning a snap.

After choosing the right shower surround for your decorating tastes, get started by reviewing the instructions. As noted in most kits, utilizing the appropriately formulated adhesive is as important to the success of your showers operation as running water.

As building materials become thinner and made for cost-efficiency, one adhesive formula cannot and should not be applied for every project. Using the right construction adhesive for the surface and project will ensure flawless results beyond installation success for long-lasting durability, says Mark Stypczynski, manager of technical development for Liquid Nails Adhesives.

Its in the details
Complete your bathroom by moving on to the final details. Fixtures, vanities and mirrors can create a luxury loo. These items are utilitarian in nature but homeowners can choose from a number of styles from sleek and simple to elaborate and ornate. If your goal is a modern look, opt for cool colors and sleek lines, or choose marble counters for timeless elegance. When selecting a vanity, notice the detail and furniture quality. Many stylish vanities are easy to assemble with most of the required elements provided in one box.

You can further elevate the additions appeal with details such as crown molding, additional shelving, a picture rail or wainscoting. Its also a great idea to spruce up your bathroom with a decorative mirror. You can create a coordinating mirror by affixing intricately designed molding to an inexpensive frameless mirror with construction adhesive.

With adequate planning and attention to detail, homeowners can take pride in a bathroom addition while easily maintaining a budget. While some work is best left to the pros, theres no reason a do-it-yourselfer cant be creative and take on a few jobs. Homeowners will take pride in knowing they contributed to the success of a home addition.