An affront to battling gun violence


Regarding the U.S. Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision last week striking down the District of Columbia’s ban on handguns and trigger lock requirements, the Court’s decision is an affront to D.C. resident’s right to enact laws in the best interest of their public-safety.

We ought to respect the prerogatives of urban communities on the frontlines battling gun violence in the same way we respect those of more suburban and rural areas where guns are more commonly used in sport shooting and hunting.   

I am relieved the Court didn’t take this ruling to the extreme and unravel decades of responsible gun safety laws enacted by local and state governments. 

One thing is certain, the gun safety debate will continue. Future fights will be on turf where supporters of commonsense firearm safety laws stand on firm footing.

Rep. Jim Moran (D-8)