City’s towing fees an unjustified hit to the pocketbook


It is distressing to learn towing fees are being increased in Alexandria by 26 percent.

If citizens were getting something for their money, such as some technological innovation to warn of an impending tow and give citizens a chance to move their vehicle, it might make sense to increase fees a little bit.

However, it appears this increase is just a sudden, unjustified hit to the pocketbook of citizens right in the middle of a tough economy and soaring gas prices.

As the webmaster of, I have been documenting and writing against all-too-common abusive non-consent towing practices which are taking place virtually everywhere in the United States.

Americans are tired of unchecked, money-hungry practices which hurt and disrupt people for what are often innocent mistakes about parking their vehicles. I hope your publication will devote some space to this issue.

John Hoff
Minneapolis, MN