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Police identify emerging gang, six arrested
Police have identified several Fairfax County young men as an emerging gang. Authorities have certified these individuals as gang participants. Police believe there may be 15 to 20 members of this predominately Asian group, based in the Fairfax, Centerville, Fair Oaks and Falls Church areas. Should these individuals be involved in further violations of law they may be subject to enhanced penalties if these acts are deemed to be gang related.

On Feb. 18, a robbery and mob assault took place on a basketball court behind Fair Lakes Shopping Center. A verbal altercation became physical, resulting in several teenagers attacking a 15-year-old Fairfax boy. The boy was kicked and punched as he tried to get away from the group. Members of the group took the boys backpack and belongings.

Following this incident, which was not reported to police, another incident involving some of the same individuals, took place on a basketball court in the Fair Oaks area. More than 30 people met at the court, where a violent fight took place between the two groups. Police are aware of at least one person that sought medical treatment at a local hospitals emergency room. Several weapons were recovered from the scene. 

Police launched an investigation that involved coordination with school resource officers from Fairfax, Oakton and Centerville High Schools. Officers from the Fairfax City Police Department assisted Fairfax County patrol and bicycle officers from the Fair Oaks district and gang unit detectives with the investigation. Authorities were able to establish that there were two separate acts of violence that took place and charged the following individuals with robbery and mob assault: two 16-year-old males and one 17-year-old male, of Fairfax High School, on April 2, two Oakton High School students, aged 16 and 17, on May 7 and an adult, Daniel Y. Choi, 19 of 9600 Blake Lane, Fairfax on June 7. There are no other charges anticipated.