Dollar Tree relocates in Alexandria


Dollar Tree, Inc. the $1 price point variety store retailer, announced a store relocation in Alexandria. The 7,450 square foot store is to relocate to the Rose Hill Shopping Center at 6140 Rose Hill Drive.

This year Dollar Tree said it will continue to add to its more than 3,400 stores, opening 26 stores in June alone. The store will open seven days a week.

Chelle Davis, a Dollar Tree spokesperson said the store is to be stocked year round with seasonal merchandise.

For Independence Day, Dollar Tree offers products for a cookout, including barbecue grilling aprons, pot holders, oven mitts and toothpicks.

“Our red, white and blue Fourth of July items include American flag magnets, bows, flags, banners, pinwheels, candles, baskets, star garland, patriotic felt hats and flowers,” said Davis. “We also offer all your grilling needs to spice up your meals, from barbecue sauce to baked beans, chips and sodas all for just $1.”