Finally, a place for those energy bar wrappers …


A local startup company called TerraCycle is paying Alexandria schools and community groups to help collect used packaging like drink pouches, yogurt cups, energy bar wrappers and the like. The company repurposes used packaging and other waste materials to make eco-friendly products sold at local Giant Foods.

In Alexandria, participants have collected used packaging and donated the money to Alexandria City Public Schools, The SACC (School Age Children Care) Program, and the nationwide program “Adopt-a-Classroom.”

“The production and sale of the products is mutually beneficial to everyone involved,” a spokesman said. “The non-recyclable packaging is rescued from a landfill, local schools earn much need funding and kids learn how to protect their environment in a fun, easy and most importantly, free program.

Anyone can sign up for free, as long as the money is donated to a school or non-profit, at