Our View – Check in


True or not, there has long been a perception that crime goes up when the economy goes down.

That would certainly help explain eight armed robberies being committed during a five-day stretch last week in the area.  Each incident occurred outside and involved an armed suspect demanding money from victims walking on the street or sitting in parked vehicles.

Perhaps most troubling is that an arrest has yet to be made in any of these incidents.

Given that last piece of information, we should remind ourselves that crime prevention involves more than police scouring dark parking lots after midnight. As any law enforcement official can attest, catching bad guys is all about information, the vast majority provided by people who have never set foot inside a police station or ridden in a squad car.

Whether it comes from the director of a Neighborhood Watch program or an alert neighbor reporting suspicious activity on his or her block, tips from citizens have always been the most critical link in solving or preventing crimes.

Police need to know when suspected criminal activity occurs in our neighborhoods. Even if a particular incident seems insignificant or offers little hope of solution, it may hold the key to solving a larger investigation.

Yes, its easier to ignore the problem or let the other guy make the call, but everyone benefits when we all tune in. Keep your eyes open and your cell phone handy.