Ralph rocks Alexandria kids’ worlds!


New Disney Channel headliner and old Chicagoland talent Ralph Covert and his band rocked out with the diaper to Crocs crowd at the annual Alexandria Waterfront Festival Sunday afternoon in the blazing summer heat.  Little ones brought play guitars and air guitars to sing along with this cool crooner.

Sponsored by Kellogg’s Rice Krispies and Disney, Ralph didn’t miss a beat while kids sampled free cereal in Ralph’s World cups and the Snap, Crackle, and Pop characters took the stage. Ralph wasn’t shy to proclaim his love of free stuff. Who could blame him! With the release of his latest album “Rhyming Circus,” Ralph maintains his creative control while reaching a much broader cable and satellite audience between headlining programs like Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einstein. After years of self-described “treading water,” Ralph is jumping into the big-time with his signature perfect smile and catchy, wacky tunes.

Ralph’s folksy lyrics kept parents singing along with every word, despite the sweltering heat and sweaty children. Families traveled from as far as Charlotte, NC, with equal priorities of seeing local grandparents and dancing, singing and buying CDs from Ralph, who happily personalized each one.  Success hasn’t gotten to this long haired, funky shoed guitar player’s head. He greeted my children with a hug and marveled at how they have grown.  But that’s Ralph, thoughtful, genuine and smooth. Take it from me, this is the kind of guy who will share a beer with you at a Mother’s Day show.

Ralph saluted fellow dad’s on Father’s Day with hits like “The Coffee Song” and “Riding with No Hands.” His charming band backed up Ralph’s whimsical songwriting with good old fashioned guitar, bass and drums, expertly dropping on their backs alongside Ralph with each wipe out in “Surfing in My Imagination.”

Next time your children demand “their music” in the family station wagon, minivan or SUV, crank up Ralph and become a kid again! Catch the Seidman’s Volvo at a stoplight, and we will kiddie rock out along with you. Rock on durng your Disney Block Party tour, Ralph! See you over the airways and a bowl of cereal in our Alexandria kitchens.