A Fine Frenzy comes to the Birchmere


A Fine Frenzy and her mate Ferras is coming to Alexandria on March 23rd and playing at The Bichmere, celebrating her release of One Cell In The Sea:
A Fine Frenzy is a 22- year-old singer-songwriter and self-taught pianist currently on her headlining tour. She has toured with Rufus Wainwright & Brandi Carlilsle. She was name a VH1 “You Oughta Know” Artist in 2007. She has appeared on: KCRW -Nic Harcourt’s “Morning Become Eclectic,” The Tonight Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, In The Loop with iVillage, CSI-NYs season premiere and more recently on CBS 2nd Cup Caf & Late Show with David Letterman.
Her music has already been heard on The Hills, One Tree Hill, House, Gilmore Girls and CSI.
Ferras, if you keep up with American Idol, is the artist that had the bye-bye song to contestants on the Hollywood episodes of the show that aired a couple of weeks ago as his first single is aptly titled – “Hollywood’s Not America” ( a kind of ode to all these crazy (silly) celebs who can’t seem to hold it together after becoming famous). Gratefully, this one song is not all there is to Ferras – listen to my personal faves – “Liberation Day,” and “Aliens and Rainbows.”
Ferras’ debut cd, “Aliens and Rainbows,” comes out on April 1 with a show in NYC on March 20 at The Blender Theater with A Fine Frenzy.  The cd was produced by the matrix, but is more reminiscent of Elton John, Bowie, Scissor Sisters than say an Avril….Ferras is, to me, what Elton would have been if he started out now.
Ferras also has an interesting personal history in that he was born to a normal mid-west mother and a Jordanian father.  After what can only be considered “cultural conflicts,” the parents split which resulted in the father kidnapping Ferras to Jordan (aka Disneyland to a 5 year old). 
Now to anyone this would seem a devastating turn of events, years of therapy, etc….but for Ferras, this is the exact time he got his first piano.  Be it a toy piano, that I’m sure he tortured all the passengers on the plane to Jordan with, but a piano nonetheless.  His first song was written for his sorely missed mother in the confines of the family fold in Jordan.
Skip ahead to mother kidnapping son back and eventually trying to put it all behind her and her son by moving to sunny California for a little reinvention and escape.  These are two words that pop up for Ferras often….Ferras has over 20k digital singles of “Hollywood’s Not America” sold to date. He was the most added male artist to Hot AC this week since John Mayer in 2002.
Ferras was featured on MTV News tomorrow March 6. Aliens & Rainbows will be featured exclusively thru VH1.com starting March 25. Ferras recently appeared on the Today Show.