ASK MERRILY – Living to eat, not to live

ASK MERRILY – Living to eat, not to live

I am a 55 year old female and just can’t seem to lose weight.  I know you are supposed to “eat to live”, but I “live to eat”!  My life is very busy and I eat on the run.  My day starts at 4:30am with housecleaning. My work keeps me away from home for 10-11 hours a day.  By the time I get home, cook dinner, and do the dishes, its 7 pm.  Then I could exercise, but I am exhausted.  I like the taste of many foods and enjoy every bite.  I don’t gain weight, but when I try, I don’t lose it either.  What can I do to break this pattern?   


Dear Chubby,

Your question will touch many who share your struggle.  

Your eating pattern lies within the bigger pattern of your busy and exhausting life. This pattern has built-in elements (such as stress, lack of sleep, eating on the run, a very long work day) which contribute to weight gain and to difficulty losing unwanted pounds.   

Within this bigger pattern there is little space for you to nourish or care for yourself.  Nourishment comes not only from food but also from sleep, exercise, relaxation, time to enjoy nature.  The structure of your life must be altered to include these basic necessities.   

When overwhelmed, we lose our connection to ourselves and to what we need.  We certainly lose touch with our body and what it needs. 

Your weight pattern will likely remain as it is until you adjust the patterns which contain it. 

Decide what is most important to you and make changes that are possible (including hiring a cleaning service).   

Merrily Preston is a liife facilitator who lives in Woodbridge. This column is exclusive to The Alexandria Times. Direct your questions to