City invites public input on commercial tax option


In December, City Council authorized and established an ad hoc committee to study the Commercial Real Estate Transportation Tax Option.  The committee began its study and is seeking input from businesses and residents of the City.  The committee will provide recommendations to the City Council as to whether or not the City should enact the add-on commercial real estate tax and if so, what range of add-on tax rates the City Council should consider.

The committees membership includes two members from the Citys  ad hoc Transportation Task Force, two members from the Citys Budget and Fiscal Affairs Advisory Committee, and one representative from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce.  

When the General Assembly passed HB3202 during its 2007 session, it provided sources of funding for transportation in the Northern Virginia and Hampton Roads regions, and establishes rights and powers to levy certain taxes and fees to generate the revenue through a regional authority.  The legislation authorized member jurisdictions of the regional authority (Northern Virginia Transportation Authority), including the City of Alexandria, to generate additional funding for local transportation-related projects and services by imposing an additional tax on certain commercial and industrial properties.

The committee plans to complete its work and submit a report to City Council by February 29, so Council may use the report recommendations in its consideration of the FY 2009 budget and related tax rates.

Anyone may provide comments to the committee.  Comments may be provided by e-mail to or by mailing or dropping off written comments to the City Clerks Office (301 King Street, Room 2300, Alexandria, VA 22314).  As the committees work progresses, materials, reports and analyses of issues related to this tax and to transportation funding needs in the City may be found on the Citys website at in the More Information section.