Construction writers to celebrate 50th Anniversary here


Once they leave Alexandria, they sure will have lots to write about. 

They say there’s a group for every interest known to man, and well, there had to be one which covers the finer aspects of writing about construction projects.

And what better place for the Construction Writers Association of America to celebrate their 50th anniversary than Alexandria?

Right now we have cranes and construction galore. From the West End to National Harbor, everyone seems to be building something, from high-rise condos to the largest convention hotel on the East Coast.

To these writers, where precision is everything, they might describe a  veritable beehive of construction activity across the river: 

2,432 construction workers, a daily construction payroll of $2.2 million and the second largest number of construction cranes (22) in America, short of Last Vegas.

Yes indeed, National Harbor is the mother of all construction projects.

The Construction Writers Association, based in Buffalo Grove, Ill., will celebrate its 50th anniversary during its annual meeting, April 30-May 2 in Alexandria. Scheduled events include receptions, educational sessions on crisis communications, a construction tour, awards dinner and annual meeting featuring construction-related topics.

The construction tour — of course — will be to the new Gaylord Resort and Convention Center at National Harbor.

Journalism and Photography Awards will also be presented. In addition, it is expected that CWA’s highest honor, the Silver Hard Hat, will be awarded.

In honor of the association’s 50th anniversary,members of the new CWA Hall of Fame will be announced.

Construction-related topics — green building, a forecast for the construction economy, and discussion of the potential impact of the election on the construction industry — will be featured at CWA’s annual meeting. 2008-9 officers and directors will be elected at brief business meeting. “Long-time members will be asked to reminisce about the association’s history,” a release from the group said.

The meeting will be at Old Town’s Hotel Monaco — itself a $100 million construction project until a month ago. .