Does the Times have


The Times has its Zing back! says a reader (Jan. 17-24). The writer detected a breathe of fresh air in the writing.

Perhaps. I wondered whether the enthusiasm extended to the Commentary Section. There we have a delicious choice of two stalwarts, Rich Galen or David Englin. The former, a political operative, a self-styled pro who recently fondly reminisced about his and its participants. 

Unfortunate timing. On January 18, the Post published Dirty Tricks Without Illusions, which if nothing else describes the sewer through which political consulting runs.

The Times other commentator is laid-back State Delegate David Englin who got our juices running by disclosing that he had re-launched his web site and that his daily schedule was now online. 

Heady stuff indeed

Is that breath of fresh a little warmer than one might expect this time of year?

David Williams