Hear ye! Hear ye !

Hear ye!  Hear ye !

No, with depressed real estate prices the city was not rolling back town lots to 1749 prices. But it must have felt like it on Saturday as the city held an Historic 1749 Land Auction at Market Square, celebrating the city’s 259th birthday with a unique public auction of early town lots. The historic auction of Alexandria land was re-created and the participated by bidding. Bids were placed with “pound” notes and successful landowners received commemorative deeds.

City officials implored participants in the auction to embrace the bartering spirit of the 18th century and bring non-perishable food items for donation to Alexandria ALIVE, the community food bank.

Bidders received 5 pounds for every single food item (canned fruit, soup, jar of peanut butter, etc. For those preferring the modern method, they were able to donate $2 in lieu of a canned good.