Letter to the Editor


Next Tuesday (12 August) voters in District B will elect a new School Board member.  We are very fortunate to have a number of qualified candidates willing to serve.  Well be voting for Elynn Simons.

Ellyn has an impressive professional background, commitment to education, and passion to move our schools forward.  As a parent of two children educated in our schools K-12, and now as both a tutor and teacher, Elynn has a critical and fundamental understanding of our schools at all levels on instruction. 

She is a problem solver and consensus builder with an advanced degree in conflict management; invaluable skills needed to work with the community, fellow School Board members and the school system to meet challenges and bring about the change necessary to ensure a world-class education for all our students.  

Elynn has a deep commitment to the needs of our special education students and to ensuring that necessary services are provided all students no matter the school, location or parents income level.  

In tight budget times, Elynn is committed to building bridges in the community and with City Council to ensure our schools are appropriately funded and tax dollars are spent effectively.  

And, finally, Elynn is passionate about our schools.  She recognizes that with a new Superintendent a new era for our school system is on the horizon.  For over twenty years she has been a dedicated and strong advocate for our schools.  We share Elynns belief that strong schools equal a strong community.  And, thats why Elynn Simons is our choice for school board.  

Crystal and Ludwig Gaines