Mighty Aphrodite!


Over the years many different foods have been viewed as aphrodisiacs, named after the goddess Aphrodite who apparently had mysterious powers over the body (or imagination in some peoples opinions).  Foods are especially popular aphrodisiacs because they are pleasurable to consume. The sharing of food is viewed as romantic because it symbolizes an intimate union between two people; think wedding cake, or even Lady and the Tramp.

Garlic was once proclaimed as an aphrodisiac, but then omitted due to its obvious odor once consumed. But if both partners eat it, who knows the difference?

The French thought that strawberries were an aphrodisiac and they made sure that newlyweds were served these magical berries. Angel’s Strawberry Chocolate Fantasy Cake features 2 supposed aphrodisiacs in one, why not give it a whirl?

Seafood is associated with love because it comes from the sea, which is viewed as a major source of life. Shellfish are considered the strongest aphrodisiacs, hence oysters popularity.

Cinnamon was once believed to increase passion and strength.

Chocolate, viewed as an aphrodisiac by some, lights up the pleasure areas in the brain, the same effect love making has on the human brain. Funny we have a Chocolate Fantasy Cake.

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