On the Street


What do you think about the proposal to change the national speed limit to 55 mph?

I have a lead foot, so I would find it very difficult to drive 55 mph again but if it meant saving money, sure.  Itd be hard and frustrating, but for the environment, that justifies it.

Leah Hammond

I think they should keep it the way it is now; if its not broken dont fix it.  Most people will continue to speed, regardless of what the speed limit is.  Most people dont even abide by the rule of the speed limit so people will just end up frustrated and breaking the law even more its not going to really do anything.

Chaya Jones

I will die on the highway because people already go over the speed limit so they already go 55, so if you set it at 55 youre going to go 65-70 and thats just waiting for high speed accidents to occur.  Id rather live than save on gas and save the environment.  There are better things to do than put more people in danger.

Erin Burke

I think itd be a good idea to lower it to 55 or maybe 60.  I think the conservation is self-evident.  Ive lowered my speed and I can tell the difference in the gas mileage.

Charlie Robertson