Out of the Attic – Temple Trailer Village


The Temple Trailer Village, seen in this 1953 photograph, opened in the early 1940s to provide affordable housing to federal government workers and their families during World War II, and later housed returning veterans. The mobile home park was southeast of the intersection of Duke Street and Telegraph Road and was located in Fairfax County until the 1952 annexation made it part of the City of Alexandria. This photograph was taken when Telegraph Road, to the left, still passed under the railroad tracks.

The American Trailer Company operated Temple Trailer Village and other mobile home communities, including Oak Grove on Richmond Highway in Fairfax County. By the 1960s, Temple Village had grown to more than 300 lots along roads named Lee Drive, Temple Terrace, Mason Drive and Washington Drive. The property included a management office, grocery store, post office, barbershop and community building.

The community building was built in the late 1940s with $27,000 in federal funds to support housing for veterans. The community building offered residents convenience facilities such as washers, dryers and showers, and a variety of events, including church services, dances, large suppers and hobby classes, were held there. In the early 1950s, the building was even used by Fairfax County Public Schools as classroom space when the Lee-Jackson School became too crowded.

In 1971, after the American Trailer Company partnered with real estate developer Hubert Hoffman, Temple Village closed down, residents had to move out, and a new government office building was erected on the eastern part of the property. Today, Hoffman Building I and adjacent parking lots to the north and west cover the tract where Temple Trailer Village once stood.