Share a haircut, give a smile


Local Hair Cuttery salons are launching the ninth annual Share A Haircut program to provide children in need a fresh haircut to start the new school year. We believe a new haircut on the first day of school can help a child feel more confident and can make a big difference to start the next academic year, said Dennis Ratner, the founder and CEO of Hair Cuttery. 

From August 1st through 15th, every time a child (aged 18 years old or younger) receives a haircut at a local Hair Cuttery salon, a free haircut will be provided to a disadvantaged child in the community. Through partnerships with local service agencies and non-profit organizations, Hair Cuttery has donated more than 380,000 haircuts since the programs inception in 1999, always giving back to the kids in the same community where the salon is located.
We are extremely proud of the Share A Haircut program. It allows children to help other children in the community, and teaches them that a simple deed can make a big difference to someone less fortunate, said Ratner.
This past year, the company participated in Hairdressers Unlocking Hope, a national charitable campaign aimed at raising money for Habitat for Humanity and its efforts to rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Through client and Stylist donations, Hair Cuttery raised over $90,000 enough to build a new home for a family in the Gulf Coast. Inspired by this generosity, Dennis Ratner personally donated an additional $85,000 to build a second home for a deserving family.
Hair Cuttery also supports Locks of Love, a non-profit organization providing hairpieces to children who have lost their hair through illness or genetic conditions, and a range of national and local charitable organizations.