Stopping gun violence


The Virginia General Assembly last week upheld Gov. Tim Kaines vetoes of bills that would have allowed easy access to guns in cars and also loaded, hidden handguns in bars. 

All of the volunteers, and the Virginia Tech family members, and the sensible elected officials who fought hard to defeat these measures are proud of Gov. Kaines veto, and proud of the Virginia Senate for upholding that veto.   

Gov. Kaine took the reasonable and principled high road, and said theres no need for a law allowing loaded, hidden handguns into places where alcohol is served, and theres no reason to put police officers lives at risk by letting unlicensed people have easy access to guns inside their cars close enough to reach. Common sense prevailed .   

We congratulate the Governor for doing the right thing, and we applaud the Senate for letting his decision stand. 

Paul Helmke
Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence
Washington DC