Violent crime up


One man was killed and another shot during an increasingly violent week in the city.

Alexandria resident Deshawn Thomas Marshall, 20, was charged with stabbing 44 year-old Ricky Lewis in the abdomen, killing the Alexandria resident on Sunday, just after one in the morning. The homicide occurred on Mark Drive in Arlandria near Four Mile Run Park.

It was the second homicide in the city this year. The first was on June 22.

Another man was shot under his arm a day earlier at 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, after leaving a bar on lower King Street in Old Town, across the street from City Hall. Police arrested 18 year-old Robert Boyd, Jr., charging him with malicious wounding, although there was another man involved in the attempted robbery. The victim is recovering.

Without a doubt its a traumatic experience, said the victim, who wished to remain anonymous until the investigation is complete. Everything is good. Im very lucky it didnt do any major damage.

According to a friend of the victims who also wished to remain anonymous, the wounded man chased the offenders but collapsed near Royal Street, unable to run any further with the wound.

Although there is an increase in violent crime as of late, it is not unusual for this time of year, according to police. Summer is a notorious season for crime surges.

There has definitely been an increase in crime, but its pretty typical this time of year, said Ashley Hildebrandt, public information officer for the Alexandria Police. With more people around school is out, people have more free time there tends to be more crime.

There were eight homicides in the city in 2007 a considerably high number than other recent years. The last time the homicide came close to last years record was 1998, when there were seven homicides.