City of Alexandria Holds Cambodian Community Day Festival


Alexandria and the Cambodian Community Day Committee presented the seventh annual Cambodian Community Day Festival on Aug. 24 at Ben Brenman Park. After a relatively balmy spell, the weather was suitably steamy to set the scene for the Southeast Asian festival featuring traditional Cambodian food, music, dance and arts.

As children performed the lovely Pheasant Dance on stage, The Mohori Phirum Ensemble played and demonstrated their instruments to admiring onlookers a few tents away.

Other tents displayed Cambodian arts and crafts, and the food vendors on the edge of the festival enjoyed long lines of revelers waiting to enjoy Asian specialties such as bubble milk tea and grilled chicken teriyaki.

The Cambodian Community Day is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advocacy, preservation and promotion of Cambodian culture and heritage.

Craig Lancto