Del Ray Artisans Open An Art and Technology Journey


The Del Ray Artisans enjoyed a gratifying turnout last week for the opening of their August show, An Art and Technology Journey. The group hosted nearly 200 visitors during the first two nights of the exhibit, with a preview during Del Rays First Thursday and the official opening reception on Friday, Aug. 8.

Drawing the most interest was the most obviously technological exhibit, Roco Barcias Enchanted Box. The Argentine artists installation combines live video with computer-generated imagery to draw viewers into her work. Viewers entering a box below a video screen hear recorded instructions that direct their movements. When they complete the movements, their actions are incorporated into the video on the screen, making them part of the art.

Despite computer problems during opening night, young and old alike eagerly crawled into the box and followed instructions, even though nothing was reflected in the video art above them.

Curator David Kosar was pleased with the turnout for the exhibit. The show has been extremely successful given the time slot (August, when many people are on vacation), what we were up against for the opening reception (the opening ceremony for the Olympics), and the economy, he said.  Given the latter and that art sales are down pretty much everywhere, selling nine pieces between the preview (on Thursday) and the opening reception on Friday exceeded my expectations.

The show also presents the work of five DRA members: Kosar, Rob Rudick, Jamie Telford, Monica Wise and Roy Wright.

Although Kosar is listed as curator, he notes that Jon Jennelle was co-curator. It was his final vision and inspiration that really pulled the design, layout, flow, and structure of the show together, Kosar said. making all of the artwork come together in a coherent and professional look. 

Kosars own work includes a dynamic series of photographs taken of the National Cathedral during an art show that featured images projected against the entire exterior of the structure. Capturing the excitement of the event, the artists photographs sometimes highlight a single, dominant image, while others feature a pattern of images.

Kosar was especially pleased by a patrons request for an enlarged version of a single image from his series.

In other photographs, Kosar has enhanced the images to create a new perspective as he reinterprets everyday objects as art.

Fellow photographer Rob Rudicks favorite theme appears to be classic cars. His vivid images of the interior of a 1961 Corvette or the grille of an Edsel show his appreciation for form and color in cars that won the hearts of America over the years.

Im attracted by colors, shapes, sheer beauty and whimsy, Rudick says in his artists notes. The challenge is to accurately replicate the feeling I had when I took the photograph.

Jamee Telfords photographs, Monicas Wises visual images and Roy Wrights digital images round out the Del Ray Artisans Board Walk show, which continues through Aug. 31.