Going Green in Crystal City


Crystal Green Power Purge
The Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) continued its Crystal Green movement with the Crystal Green Power Purge, which took place Aug. 11-14.  BID President and CEO Angie Fox, above,  said that the partnership with JK Moving & Storage, Vornado/Charles E. Smith and the Consumer Electronics Association provides a means by which businesses and residents can dispose of old electronics items with a clean and green conscience.

JK transports the collected electronics to a recycling plant in a secure bin. The components are reduced to commodity-grade materials and sold for reuse without leaving any sensitive data vulnerable.  According to the BID news release, JK provides security through puncturing data storage devices, shredding the materials and delivering the materials directly to a recycling facility in Maryland.

Those interested in recycling their electronics should look for the JK Storage & Moving truck in the parking lot near the intersection of 20th Street and South Bell until 7:30 tonight (Aug. 14). Businesses with an unusually large collection of recyclable electronics can arrange for a bulk pick-up through JK .