In support of Hillary


Not sure if The Alexandria Times plans on endorsing anyone for President, but can I ask a HUGE favor…can at least one of your editorials go a little easy on Hillary.
I realize people love to hate her..and maybe there is reason, but I would much rather see her in the White House then Obama (with his Oprah backing and old Kennedy clan.)…He talks about change..and then wheels out old Teddy boy.
One of you guys are going to have to be bold one of these days and start looking at Obama’s record and not be afraid of offending anyone.
If the Republicans use the race card, he doesn’t stand a chance….So if your paper is conservative..fine, no problem, but start bashing this guy instead of Hillary..
Why is he getting a “free ride?”  Are you afraid of upsetting your black readers? The media has let this guy off scot free and only goes after Hillary. Hell I am the most Liberal guy in the world.  I’m gay.
But would vote Republican rather then vote for this “preacher/senator”….He is full of hot air, talks a good most African Americans…But lacks substance.
So before he comes to town and your paper gives him a free ride, do me a favor and be bold enough to get off the Obama “Love Bus” and tell the truth about this guy.
Do you really believe this guy can be elected?  He doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell, unless that is obviously what the Republicans are counting on.
All of the “closet” racists once in the voting booth will vote “white.” I can see right through that and so can everyone else. Racism is alive and well, and reverse racism to, just listen to Oprah

Gary Wagner