Obama a person of integrity


I believe the country needs a person of integrity and intelligence to take executive leadership in the national government at this time.  A number of the current candidates have these qualities. 
Additionally, however, I believe we now need a president who can inspire a new and renewed vision for this country: one that is hopeful, connected to our core values of human rights, freedom and compassionate engagement with the world’s problems. 
We need a president who can represent the interests of all the people in all the important arenas of national life from the economy to education to concerns about security.  We do not need a continuation of the policies of an earlier time or of policies which only serve the wealthiest and most influential sectors of our nation. 
Barack Obama has demonstrated his ability to inspire us with hope for a positive change.  He has demonstrated that he is committed to a genuine populism which represents the interests of all the people. 
Furthermore, he has the clear intellectual brilliance and ability to communicate effectively to all of the people, while also effectively restoring our now deeply damaged stature among other nations.  

The Rev. F.D. Huntington