Pet of the Week


Laurel is an eleven year old Beagle who was once a neglected hunting dog used as breeding stock and never knew the human touch.  Once she was no longer of use to the owner, she was dumped at a local shelter.  A Forever Home rescued her and provided the much needed vet care she had been lacking during her life.  This poor neglected soul was not used to people touching her and when someone would reach for her, she flinched and pulled away.  She never looked at people in the eye and it was a very sad.  Laurel has come a long way and now will come to you when she is called and she enjoys going on long walks and doing perimeter checks at the dog park or in the backyard.  Laurel will now come up to her foster mom and wait for her to pet her.  She just loves her special massages and will force her way to the front of the dog pack to get her fair share of pets and to make sure she is not missing out on whatever is happening.  Laurel is a very calm, sweet, laid back, low maintenance little girl.  She does not jump on furniture or people. She does not chew on things and does not bark.  Her favorite things are simply to sleep or sit while her foster mom reads or watches TV.  She also loves a good car ride so she can look out the window.

Laurel is very special to a number of foster moms and we want to make sure she gets an extra special home.  She deserves to be spoiled rotten during her retirement years.  If you are someone willing to do that, please contact so you can meet Laurel in person and see what a wonderful companion she is.

A Forever Home has a few dogs like Laurel who are living their retirement years in foster care.  If you are interested in helping us provide for their needs or help our dogs with special needs, please visit our website and donate on-line.

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