Special Report – My Day At The Alexandria Sheriffs Office


Today, I went to the Alexandria Sheriffs Office, where my uncle works.  My uncle, Deputy Sheriff Sergeant Carlton Dewberry, allowed me to follow him around and learn about his job. I met deputy sheriffs, the chief deputy and a commander. The second thing I did was I went to a staff meeting. Then I met Sherman the bomb detector dog. Afterwards, I got to go to the control center. The control center had monitors and computers with lots of buttons. Then I met Deputy Winstead. He had 138 badges. After that I met Deputy Graves. She had toy cars and she showed me how to work the handcuffs. I met Chief Deputy George and Commander Webb. Chief Deputy George was a policeman and retired. He also was a teacher for four years.  He then became Chief Deputy of the Alexandria Sheriffs Office.

Brandon is the 8-year-old son of David and Tereasa DeVaughn
of Alexandria.