Supporting Obama


I am writing because I endorse Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.  It is palpable to everyone who sees him that his candidacy is not about him.  Instead, it’s about a movement.  It’s about our inspiration. It’s about the faith we have in ourselves to do great things and to heal great divides.  His candidacy not only speaks to the party faithful, but also speaks to everyone across party lines because we all have a desire to see our government restored as an agent of positive change.

As a 26-year-old woman, Obama’s message speaks to my desire to see us move beyond the previous administrations’ and Congress’ 50+1 mentality – the mentality that only the slimmest majority is desired in order to push an agenda.  Obama not only promises, but can truly deliver, this new era in politics and a new belief that government can be a strong force for good, not just for a particular party.

I am also convinced that Obama would make the government much more transparent, helping Americans believe again that their government is on their side.  As demonstrated in his approach to earmarks and ethics, he will be a stark contrast from previous administrations that have hidden documents and plans.  Instead, he will make sure that policy conversations are open to everyone.  I also feel confident that if a mistake is made in his administration, he will own up to it and will seek to right a wrong rather than cover it up.

I yearn to have a government that will be honest about what needs to be done and can show us how we all, Republicans and Democrats alike, want the same thing it’s only a question of how we get there.  Under an Obama administration, we will all be part of how we get to where we want to be.  I hope you will agree that Barack Obama is the best Democratic candidate to lead America into a new era and will endorse Sen. Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Jacquelyn Elder