Been Bood?


Have you ever been Bood or Ghosted?  Or, are you wondering what on earth those terms mean because you scurry past the aisle offering Bood or Ghosted kits in the Halloween section of a local big box store? 

If you are a child, you probably know what it means to be Bood or Ghosted, as it’s sometimes called. Booing and Ghosting happens in October when you get an emphatic knock at your door or the doorbell rings, and when you open the door no one is there. Not a soul is in sight. Instead, there is a Bood or Ghosted note taped to your door and a bag of Halloween treats hanging on the door knob.  The goody bag may have Halloween stickers or pencils or candy or any kind of Halloween chotchkies.

The lucky recipient reads the Bood poem of sorts. It varies from year to year, but the gist is always the same.

You Have Been Bood

This is a treat for you.

We hope youll enjoy.

The idea is simple.

One we hope youll employ.

You pass BOO to 4 other folks

Along with Halloween favorsno jokes.

If we all do our part and spread the good cheer

By Halloween night, it will be very clear

Were a friendly bunch.

We like to share fun.

So please do your part and keep BOO on the run!

Post BOO on your door

As a note to all,

That other spookies and the like

Clearly need not call!

I was hoping Id get Bood this year and I did, exclaimed 8-year-old Finn Schulman.  Another elementary school child, Ben Alexander, proudly proclaimed that he and his mom are going to walk around the neighborhood and Boo four friends after school today because he was Bood last night.  

There is one key point that the boys left out, according to third-grader Bobby Williams. He said, One of the main things is you have to be speedy when you drop it off and you have to keep it a secret who you Bood.  Plus, dont ever tell yes or no even if you did it if someone asks you about it. Keep mysterious.

Even if you have not been Bood, you can easily start up the Halloween excitement in your neighborhood by embracing this recently created October tradition. Simply take the poem, add your own illustration and surprise your friends or your childs friends with a Halloween goody bag.

Please note, that in speaking with parents of children who have been Bood or who are doing the Boo-ing, their advice is, for the sake of safety, make sure that the parent of the child being Bood knows who Bood their child. Then, everyone will know that the treats in the Bood bag are safe.

Another strategy is to simply avoid putting any candy in the Bood bag and fill it instead with stickers or other small, inexpensive Halloween fun items. Also, you may wish to call first, so that the parent has a clue you are coming to Boo the house and the child can perhaps even answer the door when the house is Bood.

Happy Boo-ing!