Cruel and offensive cartoon


We were pleased with the June 26 edition of the paper featuring on the front page a very touching story of the kitten run over by an industrial mower. It was a humane story of a Good Samaritan making a decision to be proactive to save the life of this precious creature rather than leave it in the grass to suffer a very painful death. Hats off to this individual, and also to the veterinarian who performed the surgery in an outstanding fashion.

My husband and I are the proud parents who adopted Little Joe, and we are extremely grateful to both persons.

The week following in the July 3 edition a cartoon by Harrington appeared depicting a dog driving on an industrial mower with a malicious intent of purposely looking for a kitty to kill.  The cartoon was titled, AND NOW THE REAL STORY OF KITTEN AND THE LAWN MOWER

Frankly, we find this very offensive and in poor taste. It brings to mind the vicious actions of Michael Vick in particular, and, in general, cruelty to all animals.

As more laws are being passed each year to protect animals and their rights, it seems to us that the paper should be more sensitive and not planting ideas into sick minds.

Susan J. Mardula
Mount Vernon