Del Ray Pparade Wrap-up – Heavy helpings of neighborliness


At the conclusion of the Del Ray Centennial Hat Parade on May 3, the recreation field at Mount Vernon Community School hosted a community party, with games, live music and heavy helpings of neighborliness.

The Del Ray Citizens Association locomotive float belched smoke pale smoke from its place of honor in the middle of the field, and children learned to dance around a colorful Maypole at the south end of the field.

A May pole, said Mayor Bill Euille. I havent done a May pole since I was at Lyles Crouch. With obvious pleasure, the mayor recalled that the day was devoted to outdoor games. When I was in school we stayed out all day and it was the most fun day of the year. However, he declared, I didnt say Im doing it today.

Grand Marshall Lowe and husband, Larry, strolled the grounds hand in hand, as the Kate Moran Band performed on a stage at the north end of the field and children lined up for the old-fashioned games of coin toss and ringing a hula hoop around bottles, setup and staffed by Metro Church.

Many of the attendees remained until after noon, enjoying the music, refreshments, activities and neighbors. Others took advantage of the opportunity to attend the Del Ray Artisans Annual Spring Sale next door.

– Craig Lancto