Frustrated by Comcast


As an Alexandria resident whose only cable option is Comcast, I wanted to write to express my extreme frustration with their customer service. 
After I waited 3 hours for a service call yesterday that never came, I called this morning to speak to a supervisor.  The first person I spoke to transfered me to someone else, who transfered me to someone else, who transfered me to someone else. 
When I demanded to speak to a supervisor, I was transfered to a doctor’s office!  Although I was angry, I did not immediately believe that this was done on purpose, but when I called back again and relayed what had happened to the next phone agent, she then transferred me to a dating service!   When I called again, I waited on hold for 35 minutes and nobody picked up.

It seems unlikely to me that this was mere coincidence.  If Comcast’s customer service representatives are purposefully rerouting customers to doctor’s offices, dating services, and who knows what else, I would sincerely hope that your newspaper could get involved and uncover what is really going on.  I have already contacted the City’s liaison to Comcast, who is trying to handle my other issues with the Internet. 
But I would very much like to see the Times investigate on behalf of the rest of us who are at the mercy of people who answer at comcast.  We can’t seem to get a straight answer; maybe you can.

Steven W. Edwards, Ph.D.