Our View – Tuesday, Tuesday, Tuesday!


This past Monday represented absolutely and unconditionally the most important day of this election year for Alexandrians (and all Virginians) more important than the actual election on November 4. Because without last Monday, the last day to register to vote in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you cant go to the polls and cast your Red, Blue or Green (yes, Ralph Nader is running for some reason) ballot on Election Day.

Alexandria registered 2,438 new voters in the month of September alone, according to the Virginia State Board of Elections, and there has been a net gain of 8,108 voters registered in the city throughout the entire year, raising the total to 95,148. In a city that has about 107,000 residents over the age of 18, that number is significant.

Were not going to hound you with the importance of this election because, truth is, this election may be the most historical, the most exciting, the most mudslinging and the most youthful election ever, but its just as important as the local special school board election held earlier this year. Equally important were the Bush-Kerry, Bush-Gore, Bush-Clinton and Bush-Dukakis elections.

All elections should receive the same broad scrutiny and attention that this one has. But, if to do that it takes a young African American political superstar, an old military hero, a beauty-queen-turned-hockey mom-turned veep candidate and, well, Joe Biden, then so be it. If itll draw more people to vote, put a monster truck rally outside each polling station for all we care. TUESDAY! TUESDAY! TUESDAY!

So this is by far the most interesting election ever. But of course, there also happens to be some issues afoot that are more monumental than the Masonic Temple: A domestic economy sending tremors, no, earthquakes around the world, an energy shortage on the horizon, a time horizon on a controversial war (what war isnt controversial?), families that cannot afford health care perhaps it is also the issues that have so many of our countrys citizens creeping out of the apolitical woodwork. Whatever the reason, we like it.

We have lied. The real truth is, we did just hound you about how important this election is. And actually, it is the most important election for which youve ever registered, because it is the next election.