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What Debate?

To the editor:
In the article, District 8 Candidates Square Off in First Debate, (9/4) it seemed to me that no debates took place on core issues of concerns to the citizens of District 8.

There was no mention of Morans wide support for amnesty for illegals, against the SAVE ACT, H.R. 4088. What about the quality of life being eroded by lower middle class workers who work two jobs to make ends meet? Why cant middle class people afford homes in District 8s expensive real estate market?

Debates are about the issues of concern to voters in the district 8th District, not about agreement. It also seems to me that Congress needs term limits so we dont get entrenched career politicians who serve special interests and not the people. My piece of advice: Lets get a real debate going on the issues.

Alex Aliferis
Alexandria, VA

Illuminating History

To the editor:
At a time when illuminating is usually a reference to a current political position paper and all significant history seems to have started within the last 75 years, I would like to beg the attention of my Alexandria neighbors to a pressing need that has not received media notice.

Recent waterfront improvements include a half-dozen freestanding signs with built-in illumination that tout the many historic glories of our community.  A sea of new streetlights makes the marina area sparkle in the evening when many – if not most – tourists come to view our waterfront.

 The largest, most informative, and most studied, Alexandria, a place in time, covers a long wall at the east end of the arcade through the Torpedo Factory.  Sadly, it is in the only section of the arcade without overhead lighting.  Interesting copy on the sign describes this area from pre-historic times to the present.  That copy is very difficult to read after dusk!

 It would be relatively simple and inexpensive to install a focused light fixture fed from the lights in the adjacent arcade section.

Please take the time to observe this sign after dusk and then pass your observations to a city official.

Robert J. Riker
Alexandria, VA