Your Views – Ethanol Mess on King Street


To the editor:
The ethanol mess isnt on Eisenhower Avenue, it is in an old building on King Street.

First, regardless of what we want or think, the Feds have control of this site.  We dont.

Second, the lack of action and gross misaction by city staff is hard to figure.  What was there to gain by not doing the right thing?  Now, only CYA prevails.  If I were manager it would take me 15 minutes to get in touch with the mayor, not 15 days, to deliver the bad news.

Third, there is no need or time for study.  It is time for action.  If you dont know the bad guys now, thats part of the problem.  Make sure the proper fire-fighting equipment and trained people are in place and clean house.

Yes, there will be lots of posturing, whitewash, PR and more. Sound and fury signifying and accomplishing nothing.

  Joe Schramm