Caring for trees


Drought has taken a toll on the area’s trees and local scientist and expert, Rex Bastian, will be at George Washington’s River Farm this Friday to discuss ways that the public may help ailing trees in the months ahead.

Because of the extensive drought, damage has been done that is not easily reversed.  Trees will need months of ongoing TLC if they are to survive.  Bastian and other scientists are predicting larger insect infestations this year along with a host of diseases.

The Alexandria-based company Care of Trees will hold four seminars with great visuals and hands-on how to.  They will include pruning and a look at roots. Experts will uncover tree roots and discuss and display the different textures and vulnerabilities to building, driving, construction and digging. Bastian will make a tea for trees and will discuss the importance of tree composting (particularly now).

The tree seminars will be held at River Farm in front of the house, at 7931 East Boulevard Drive, this Friday, April 11, from 1 pm to 3:30 pm. For additional information, visit the web at, or call 703-661-1700.