Our View – Virginias Purple Heart


This country is imbued with color.

Pundits and politicos agree that some states are red in the face and others blue.  But Virginia has more of a purple tinge, its 13 electoral votes up in the air and its internal elections anything but uniform. 

Right now, polls say the Commonwealth is leaning blue and could go Democrat for the first time since Lyndon Johnson won the state in 1964. Republicans dominion over the Old Dominion could end Tuesday, and if it does, it would probably be the doing of Northern Virginia voters urbanites compared to the rest of the state.

All the more reason to vote Tuesday, whether Republican, Democrat or Independent.

The beauty of this election is how telling it is of the state and the regions independent thinking. Bumper stickers seen in Alexandria include John McCain and Mark Warner on the same ticket even though Virginias likely next senator gave the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention this year. If Warner the Democrat wins it will be because Rob the Republican and Doris the Democrat and Isaac the Independent vote for him based on issues, not party lines.

We are not the type of voters to follow the leader, whomever it may be. The Commonwealth is considered red yet the last two elected governors, including Warner, have been Democrats.  Theres a reason Alexandrias 26 polling stations are expected to be at capacity November 4, and whether or not the NAACPs suit against the state moves forward, the situation points to political passion to be fleshed out at the polls.

The heart of Virginia is not in the states geographic center, but in its northeast tip, where voters will pump their political will into the body of the Commonwealth. Alexandria voters rarely carry so much weight. Lets throw that weight around on November 4 no matter what or who you vote for.