Traffic woes and convenience keep professionals working from home


In Northern Virginia, where traffic can be a nightmare at any hour of the day, getting to and from work can become a challenging experience, leaving the most road hardened commuters a bit frustrated.  As commuters deal with the weather, Metro delays and regional gridlock, the home office has emerged as a solution to spending time in traffic.

Michael OHearn, General Manager of Case Design Remodeling in Falls Church, says his company is seeing a spike in calls from homeowners inquiring about home office suites.

As commute times become longer, the home office is a viable option for business professionals wanting to maximize the best use of their time, says OHearn. Technology has made it cost effective to be just as productive away from the office.

A home office is a not a new concept but one that is constantly evolving because of the changing nature of where we live and work. And not all home office space is created equal. A desk in the corner of the room and a computer connection does not necessarily constitute a home office. A functional home office design should capture the characteristics that are conducive to a great work environment, says OHearn.

With a focus on efficiency and convenience, some of todays designs feature custom cabinetry for storage, high-end audio/visual connections, task lighting and telecommunications equipment aimed at keeping the homeowner connected at all times. The modern home office answers the challenges of a demanding work schedule and the needs of a business savvy homeowner. OHearn says Its about having the right space in order to maximize productivity at home.