Va. corporation pleads guilty to unlawful exports to China


WaveLab, Inc., of Reston, Virginia, pled guilty today to the unlawful export of electronic components to the People’s Republic of China. The items were listed on the Commerce Control List for national security reasons because of their potential military uses. Chuck Rosenberg, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Kevin Delli-Colli, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security; and, William Reid, Special Agent in Charge, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Washington Field Office, made the announcement after the plea was accepted by United States District Judge T.S. Ellis, III. Sentencing has been set for June 6, 2008. WaveLab, Inc., faces a maximum penalty of $500,000. As part of the plea, WaveLab, Inc., also agreed to forfeit $85,000.

In a statement of facts filed with the plea agreement, WaveLab admitted that it had knowingly and willfully exported hundreds of power amplifiers that could be used in satellite communication of data, voice, and video signals, as well as in wireless data communications. In addition to commercial uses, the power amplifiers had military applications and were therefore controlled for national security reasons for export to China. WaveLab admitted at its guilty plea that notwithstanding its knowledge of the licensing requirement, it failed to obtain a license for the export of more than 2,400 power amplifiers. The forfeiture of $85,000 represents an approximation of the profits obtained by WaveLab from the unlawful exports.