Warner raises $2.5M in latest quarter


Friends of Mark Warner raised $2,521,976 in the Federal Election Commission (FEC) quarter ending March 31, 2008. The committee reported cash-on-hand of $4,384,294. More than three-quarters of contributors – 3,880 of the 5,024 individual donors — were Virginia residents.

Previously, the former Governor’s Democratic U.S. Senate campaign committee reported raising $2.7 million in the FEC’s 4th quarter ending December 31, 2007 and $1.1 million during the two-week period in the 3rd quarter of 2007 in which Warner was an active candidate.

“We are gratified that so many Virginians are enthusiastically supporting Governor Warner’s effort to fix what’s wrong with Washington today,” said Warner spokesman Kevin Hall. “Governor Warner has a proven record of responsible and bipartisan leadership – a record of bringing people together to make real change — and that is what Virginians want to see in Congress.”