100 King


Talk about incongruities!

Your March 6 edition simultaneously declares on B-1 that 3,200 readers of The Alexandria Times voted 100 King as the Best Fine Dining Restaurant in the city, while announcing on A-1 that foreclosure on the property was forestalled by the filing of a last minute bankruptcy petition and reorganization plan.

Strange thing to happen to a best in class which is now going to revise its menu into a high end steak and seafood house, according to the new owner you quoted, Stephen Tedeschi. It makes one think of migr comedian Jakov Smirnovs line, Is this a great country, or what?.

Be that as it may, by coincidence, we ate at 100 King on the same date, had a nice chat with Mr. Tedeschi, and enjoyed truly fine Petit Filet Mignon and Tuna Nicoise dishes, which signal that the new restaurant, 100 Prime, will be a welcome addition to the restaurant scene, if our entrees were typical of the fine fare he has introduced.

Willis and Lee Reilly
Cameron Station