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We’re floored by the quantity and quality of nominations pouring in for the “35 Under 35 Top Entrepreneurs” honor in just the few days since we announced it. 

Later this Spring, we’ll join with law firm Greenberg Traurig to fete the honorees at the entrepreneur event of the year where they will all meet each other and eat too much. They will by showered by the adulation of Washington area civilization, and perhaps also get a frameable certificate. Herewith a tiny sampling of what we’ve received since last Wednesday (quoted with permission): 
Valhalla Partners Gene Riechers on Duke Chung, CEO of customer service software provider Parature, Duke started the company in his college dorm room and has grown it to over 100 employees and over 600 customers worldwide.  Parature is the leader in its on demand market, and Duke is a remarkable CEO. 
Charlie Thomas, CEO of Razorsight, on the analytical software company’s chairman Sundeep Sanghavi: “He founded this company at the height of the last recession and telecom meltdown in April 2001the worst possible time for a startup targeting telecoms.  The company has grown impressively since then as evidenced by a client list that includes AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast, to name a few.  
Capital CFO Services’ Gary Guttman on FierceMarkets’ CEO Jeff Giesea: “Jeff founded FierceMarkets in 2000 and now the e-mail newsletter has approximately 20 publications in IT, Health Care and Finance, and approximately 30 employees. In January, Jeff sold FierceMarkets to Questex.”
Stacey Sweeney on Evan Burfield, CEO of Synteractive: “I first met Evan a few years after he founded his first company, netDecide, in 1999 when my venture capital firm, Walker Ventures, invested in the company just after he graduated from high school. He has now founded his second company, Synteractive. Evan is a graduate of the MindShare program, class of 2000 and is a wonderful example of our region’s young entrepreneurial talent pool.” 
But we want to unearth all possibilities and make our results definitive for the ages. Therefore, bring us more! And we’re making it easy on you: You don’t need to send us anything fancy, just a sentence or two explaining whom you recommend and what accomplishments set them apart. Extra credit for contact info.

We’ll be doing our own (modest) research and using an illustrious panel to assist us. But the choices will be less rigorously scientific and more Entertainment-Weekly-subjective.

So, tarry no more.  Send suggestions to:

And prepare to honor and fetenominators may get coveted invitations and free food, too!