Hillary Clinton best qualified


Barack Obama is an inspiring speaker. He uses beautiful words that stir the soul. He preaches hope. Hope is a beautiful thing and one that all should aspire to have.
However, hope cannot pay the bills. Hope cannot feed the hungry or house the homeless. Hope cannot prevent someone from losing their home to foreclosure. Hope cannot end the war in Iraq or save the environment. Hope cant change anything. Hope is simply that….hope.
It takes experience and knowhow to get things done.
When I was in college, I thought hopes and dreams were all I needed also. When I graduated and got into the real world, I discovered another force…reality. The whole nation and the media seem to be caught up in the Obama mania that they don’t seem to realize that the man has no plan that he didn’t borrow from someone else and no experience to back it up.
Nobody can go to Washington, wave a magic wand and create a utopia. Common sense tells me that putting a man in the White House who has not even served one full term in the Senate is much like letting a two year old drive a semi…a disaster waiting to happen. Virginians, you are the state where many of our founding fathers hailed from. You are the cradle of liberty. I urge you to use common sense when casting your vote on Tuesday.
Hillary Clinton is the best qualified person for the job..period. Please don’t get so caught up in the dream that you ignore reality.

Justin Rikke