Looking for balanced view


With the Virginia voters playing such a pivotal role in this year’s Primary, I would like to see a balanced view of both Democratic and Republican candidates.  It bothers me when all we see in the media are slogans and sound bites; I would like to see substance. 
Show what each candidate has–or has not–done. How many  bills has Sen. Obama authored  or co-authored dealing with the war in Iraq?  I don’t know. How about Sen. Clinton?  I don’t know. How have all three (not including Huckabee) candidates’ votes on this war been different or been the same?  I don’t know.  What specific bills have they authored on immigration?  How have they voted on energy issues?  Voters desperately need information if we are to make an informed choice.  After all, we’re electing a President, not purchasing a pair of pants.

E. Hinnant