Memo to Republican pols


I’m really disappointed in your recent “Our View” editorial. It was not only in poor taste, but was a very cheap shot at both John McCain and an Alexandria resident (Vicky Iseman). Confusing John McCain with Congressman Fossella was either a breathtaking and ill conceived attempt to smear Senator McCain, or a really puerile attempt at humor.
Either way, it was really dumb and makes you wonder what you were thinking. This editorial was so stupid and unfair one wonders what sort of intellect, or lack thereof, is behind your newspaper. McCain’s situation bears no resemblance to the Congressman’s, and even as you yourself said  the McCain story is an “unfair characterization” and “shoddy journalism produced it”. If that is so, then why would you deliberately attempt to confuse the two situations.
Your editorial wasn’t funny or cute, but libelous. It was so reckless, that one wishes the first Amendment didn’t protect you. In any case, I think you owe Senator McCain, Ms. Iseman, and your readers an abject apology. Nothing less will restore your credibility. I know I no longer respect your opinion, and will be far less likely to read your “rag”.
If this is an example of the new Times ownership’s newspaper philosophy and thinking, then I expect many Alexandrians will view your opinions with contempt. It is hard to envision a more disastrous beginning for a new owner and editor. I expect you won’t recover the respect of your readers for a long time, if ever. 

Bill Sullivan