Pet Grooming Salon Set to Open This Week


Hairy Situations Dog Grooming is planning to open November 28 at 1552 Potomac Greens Drive, just off Slaters Lane in the Potomac Greens shopping district.

Owner Rachel Winstead, 31, said she is fully aware of the challenges she faces, but is confident that eventually she will succeed. I have faith in America and in myself, she said. It wont be easy, but todays problems wont last forever. We can do it.

The groomer is betting everything on her belief that even in tough times, pet-loving Alexandrians will want the best possible care for their dogs. After working in shops where pets were not always treated well, she is opening a salon where the staff is dedicated to providing high quality grooming care.

I became a groomer because I have always loved my pets and treated them as family members, Winstead said. But I soon saw that some shop owners were so fixated on getting maximum profits that they didnt allow adequate time for their groomers to provide loving, gentle, quality care. I vowed that someday, I would own a shop where pets would get gentle grooming that would present them at their best and their owners could be sure of the highest quality grooming at competitive prices.