This Time It Didnt Stay in Veg


To the editor,

I have never read your paper so I dont know what kind of material you print. If you do accept letters like the one I am writing, I wish you would print it.

In October, my husband and I went on a trip to Las Vegas. When we returned home to Hawaii, I realized with much horror that my checkbook was missing. I tried to recount the last time I had seen it and came to the conclusion that I dropped it somewhere in Las Vegas. I quickly contacted my bank and canceled the account, all the time fearful that whomever found my checkbook would surely write checks and thus rob us of our entire savings, being that we have overdraft protection on the account.

About three weeks later, I received a simple brown envelope with no return address, postmarked from Alexandria, VA. Inside was my checkbook with a simple, unsigned sentence, We found this in our rental car. Imagine my surprise!

Although I had already canceled the account, I was touched by this persons honestly and amazed that they would take the time and pay the postage to mail my checkbook back to me in Hawaii.
Whoever you are in Alexandria … thank you. I hope that you will be blessed 100 times for your honesty!

Sylvia Amaral Arquitola
Hilo, Hawaii