Titan of a Teacher


The photography program at T.C. Williams High School is pleased to announce the publication of Titan of a Teacher: A Photo Documentary of Outstanding Teachers In One Public School System.

This 192-page fine-art photography book features student-produced photos and biographies of 30 Alexandria City Public Schools teachers. The book also includes an essay on the subject of education by each of the included teachers.

The book is available for sale at St. Elmo’s Coffee House and Pub, The Dairy Godmother and A Show of Hands, all in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria. It is also available on line at www.wearethetitans.com. The cost of the book is $25, and all proceeds go toward future projects.

The book also is featured along with last year’s book, We Are the Titans: A Profile of Diversity at One American High School, on the Web site www.whatkidscando.org. What Kids Can Do is a nationwide non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of students, seeing them as knowledge creators, not just test takers, and giving them more of a decision-making voice in their own education.