Washington’s Gardener’s House


Final touches are being put on the restoration of George Washingtons Gardener’s House, but this is not a typical preservation project: Mount Vernon has left the top floor “unrestored,” revealing the fascinating original lathe work and in some cases original floorboards and ceiling joists dating back to 1776.
The first floor with its three rooms – what visitors will see – is completely restored and furnished as it would have been for Washington’s gardener, William Spence.
There have been surprising finds, such as bottles discovered hidden behind the walls, original exterior boards and shingles, and a piece of door frame with handwriting from over 150 years ago.
Free garden and landscape walking tours begin on March 15, daily at 11 a.m, 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. through October 31. A costumed actor playing Washingtons gardener will interact with visitors March 21-23. Archaeology in the gardens will begin April 15 and last through the year. Mount Vernons Gardening Days Plant and Gift Sale runs April 12-May 11.
On May 10-11 (Mother’s Day Weekend) Mount Vernon hosts a Spring Garden Party with charming music, costumed characters, traditional dancing, colonial games, and special presentations by Lady Washington.